Create an API Key

Create an API Key

What is an API Key?

An API Key is a type of token that enables access to the SearchCloudOne REST API to perform search requests and manage files on your account.

Before you Begin

You need to Create an Index to search and manage using the API.

Creating the Key

Go to your Console and select the API Tab.

The API Tab, found at the top of the Console

Set up Permissions

Search Cloud One uses a granular Permissions system for API keys for enhanced security.

API Keys are granted any of Read, Write and Delete Permissions to individual indexes.

  • Read:  ability to Search and Retrieve documents from the Index
  • Write: ability to upload new documents to the Index
  • Delete: ability to remove documents from the Index

Click New Set to create your first Permission Set.

Enter a name for the new Permissions Set and click Create.

In the Permissions Dialog, Add the Index you want to grant permissions to.

Check the relevant Permissions boxes and click Save

Create the Key

Click New API Key

Select the Permissions and Enter a name for the Key.

The New API Key Dialog

Click Create to create the Key; your new API Key is shown in the API Keys section.

The newly created API Key