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Site Search ONE WordPress Plugin

Site Search ONE Plugin provides a no-code* advanced professional search of tens of thousands of your WordPress Posts (including Custom Posts) and Pages at a very competitive price point. (*Some basic knowledge of CSS or HTML may be needed – see bottom of page).

The plugin requires a subscription to our fully managed, cloud hosted dtSearch Engine REST API. Your site needs no extra memory or storage space for indexes.
The Premium add-on extends search to include PDF documents and other media in the WordPress Media Library.


  • Multiple Search Pages:
    Create as many search pages as you want, so that searches are more focused, each with its own index. Choose to index all, or include or exclude selected Posts (including Custom Posts) or Pages or both on each search page.
  • Support for PODS Plugin
    are generated based on WordPress Categories or Tags, Custom Taxonomies generated by PODS Custom Taxonomies, or ACF True/False fields with Custom UI Text.
    • Supports WooCommerce Product search (Product image support requires premium plugin)
    • Responsive design Search bar Widget
      Adds a search bar in any Widgets area that your theme supports. Complete with filter, index drop-down list, optional stemming, synonyms, and search type (Boolean, All words, Any words) selectors.
    • Any Word, All Words, Boolean
      Search type option for each search page as well as on the search widget.
    • Categorized Search:
      Automatically generates a drop-down list on the search bar, choose the indexes to be listed, automatically sorted in alphabetical order.
    • Federated Search
      Option for re-nameable top level ‘search all’ list item.
    • Search narrowing options:
      Nested Boolean search, faceted search (based on WordPress Categories or Tags, Custom Taxonomies, or ACF True/False fields with Custom UI Text), proximity and directed proximity search, filter search by Published date, date-range or WordPress Custom Fields. All Words search type option.
    • Search expansion options:
      English WordNet synonyms, English stemming (or other language on request), wildcards in any position, including a numeric wildcard, Soundex. Any Words search type option. (User defined synonyms as a premium option)
    • Results
      Results are paged and ranked by relevancy or date, with highlighted hits on a snippet of surrounding text. Sorting by hits, bi-directional date or alphabet sort.  Results Link format option controls everything below a search result link, allows multiple lines of text with HTML support, fields with before and after text, date formatting, font selection, etc. * See bottom of page.
    • Document display
      Search results link to a choice (per index) of the original page, or document viewer with multi-color highlighted hits
    • Indexing
      Update (Incremental Index), Rebuild,  Compress or Delete indexes at any time. Indexes are automatically updated each time you publish a new post or page.
    • Search Engine
      dtSearch Engine for Linux fully managed and hosted in the cloud (currently Amazon Web Services), your WordPress site does not need to be on a dedicated server or need any additional memory or capacity for storing indexes or other data
    • Shortcodes
      The Plugin generates a search page with your choice of name using the default WordPress Page template, simply add the search page to a menu. The search page contains a short-code, you can copy this short-code to another page if you prefer. Search Pages are automatically excluded from being indexed.
    • Exclude Posts or Pages
      Adds a Do not index option in the side panel of your Post & Page Edit screens. For example, you can exclude Forms or Terms & Conditions page from your site search
    • Translation ready
      Includes translation template and compiled translation files in pseudo-language for test purposes.
    • Open Source
      The plugin is open source under the  WordPress standard GPL v2 license
    • dtSearch Engine REST API
      Download includes a key-code to connect to a fully managed dtSearch Engine REST API
    • Feedback Welcome
      We invite your feedback and suggestions for improvement!
    • Beta test program
      Prior to general release in the WordPress Plugins Directory we will provide you with updated versions as they are released
    • Automatic Updates
      Automatic updates will be available following general release in WordPress Plugin Directory
    • Custom Development
      Custom development from web agencies invited.

    Technical Support

    We provide support directly related to issues with install or operation of the plugin, including clashes with other plugins or themes, at no extra charge. During beta testing we advise use of a staging site. We are also available to assist with related matters such as content tagging/categorizing, setup of ACF custom fields, custom post types, site styling, synonym setup, dark mode, etc. that affect facets, filters, search performance or appearance. This work is generally quoted on a daily rate basis. Please ask for a quote or assistance.

    Code and styling assistance

    Although we aim for a ‘no code’ experience, sites that need to match existing content style, or need search results that include meta data from fields or published date formatting may require knowledge of  HTML and CSS. We are happy to assist at no extra charge, however if you need us to carry out work that is likely to require more than  a few minutes, please ask for a quote.

Site Search ONE WordPress Plugin
Download from the WordPress Plugins Directory
Subscribe to get an activation code for 30-day trial.

$59/month with 30-day free trial
Includes support & updates by email

Premium Upgrade

Add-on to the basic version. Subscribe and install basic version before subscribing and installing the premium upgrade.
$20/month with 30-day free trial

Premium features

  • Search Media Library files – unattached or attached – including PDF with hit-highlighting and filters based on IPTC/EXIF metadata.
  • Integrates with the WP Search Insights and MWT: Search Analytics plugins. (Beta)
  • Featured Image display in search results, including WooCommerce Product Images.
  • User defined synonyms
     Import synonym set files from User Thesaurus Plus (allocated per index). For specialized terminology, brand names, eCommerce product alternative names, etc.
    Includes User Thesaurus Plus download and annual license/updates
  • Support  24 hour email response, plus beta updates on request
  • More…
    All planned feature updates for one year (price lock in)
  • Need More?  Can’t find what you need? Please contact us for any feature not listed, we probably have it in development!

Case Studies


Texas Worker

Search over 34,000 posts covering Court Cases and Medical, SOAH and Appeals Panel decisions connected with injuries at work.






Providence Publications. and websites with over 20,000 posts each.

More coming soon…

Demo Search Pages

Demo Search Pages at are under the search menu  🔍 (top right)

The theme’s search box is used for the Search Products & News demo

Site Search ONE Search bar Widget is in the footer of each page

User Guide for 2.0.0
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Release Notes
Latest (2024-04-09)

Changelog Premium Plugin
Latest (2023-01-24)

User Guide for premium add-ons
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