FAQ - Search Cloud One

FAQ – Search Cloud One

Getting Started with the WordPress Plug-in

Before you can use a search page on your site you need some documents to search! The Plug-in lets you choose the Demo documents for a quick trial, when you are ready Sign Up and create an account, create one or more indexes and upload some documents. See the details here:

How do I create an index?

How do I upload documents for searching?

What documents types can I upload?

Is there a trial period?

Yes, the first 30-days after creating an account is free of the Search Cloud One monthly service charge, you will be charged only for the actual document storage and usage costs incurred on AWS.

Can I see the actual storage and usage charges?

Yes, Log-in and under the Console Menu click on My Account. You will see your actual usage for the last 30 days in real time. Note that your documents are 256-bit encrypted and stored in AWS S3 in two locations for security and availability.

Where do I find out about pricing and limits

Here: Pricing & Limits

How do I cancel my account?

Log-in and under the Console menu choose My Account; at the bottom of the page click the Cancel Account button. Your final usage will be billed to your card, your documents and any remaining indexes will be deleted. Please ensure that you have copies of all your documents. In case of difficulty with your Log-in, please use the Contact Us form instead.

What is the Search Cloud One API for?

The Search Cloud One API is for developers that need a RESTful API to enable them to easily use the dtSearch Engine to create bespoke search pages on websites or mobile applications. Preliminary API documentation is now available here: http://docs.searchcloudone.com/
Please use the Contact Us form for feedback and suggestions on the API.

Last Updated: 07 February 2019