eSearch Universal Desktop Search


Searching is not ‘blind’ it features a scrolling word list of all the words in your files. It also features Boolean, as well as simpler AND or ANY word searches. Search using a ‘list of words’ option for eDiscovery/eDisclosure. Search expansion options include multilingual stemming and ability to use multiple pre-defined and user-defined synonym files simultaneously. Share indexes on a network via Index Libraries. Export results as XML or CSV files.

Extensive file format support

eSearch includes the open-source Apache TIKA content analysis toolkit to extract text and metadata. List of file types supported. Meta-data is displayed in a separate window. Fast navigation between highlighted hits. PDF hit highlighting does not require a plugin.

Modern user interface in your language

The interface is user translatable, English, French, German supplied. The main window lets you see a list of words in your index, enter them in a search, see a scrollable list of results, and view the selected result with hits highlighted. Filter on field values, expand with stemming or synonyms. Dark mode option for use in low-light settings, to reduce eye-strain or just to suit your taste! Modern vertical taskbar.

Above: beta version image shows UI in pseudo-language, doing search on an EPUB book archive.

This product uses the open-source Lucene .NET search engine. Versions will be available for Linux and macOS as well as Microsoft Windows 10 or 11, including ‘portable’ use.

Note: This product is in early beta test phase, some features mentioned above may not yet be functional.

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Release notes

1.0.8907 (2024-05-21)

User Guide

Currently available to beta testers only.


Introductory offer: eSearch will be supplied free of charge to holders of a dtSearch Desktop/Network license that is within the included one year support or current on extended support from dtSearch UK. (Available until further notice)