Pricing and Limits

Pricing and Limits

Search Cloud One Search-as-a Service is a monthly subscription service paid by credit/debit card. Monthly charges consist of a fixed price of £35.00 + VAT and a variable charge to cover your AWS infrastucture usage which you can monitor from the Console under the My Account tab.

Search Cloud One Search-as-a-Service is provided for a monthly charge of £35 + VAT on the anniversary of your sign-up date. e.g. If you sign up 1st August, on the 1st September your payment for the month of September will be charged.

Trial Period

Your first 30 days is free of the service charge.
In the example above, if you cancel before 1st September you will pay no service charge*.


There are no limits on the number of documents that you upload or number of indexes that you create.

Infrastructure Charges

*Your monthly bill will include the costs of the AWS storage and file upload/download activity that you have incurred. For security and availability your documents are stored anonymized and 256-bit encrypted in two locations.

Search Requests:

£0.01 / 32,000 Search Requests

Document Retrieval

£0.01 / 143 Mb document data retrieved*
*re-indexing is also counted as retrieval

Document Storage

£0.01 / 37Mb document data stored/mo*
*based on hourly average storage usage over the month

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