Enumerable Fields

Enumerable Fields

Use Enumerable Fields to enable Faceted Search Capabilities.

Screen capture showing Faceted Search using Enumerable Fields
Brand and Type are examples of Enumerable Fields in the Cars Index.
Ford, BMW and Toyota are Field Values in this example.

Fields detected in documents are not automatically made Enumerable, this is for performance.

What fields should I make Enumerable?

Make fields where documents share common, repeating Field Values enumerable. For example, in a collection of Cars, Brand is an ideal example of an Enumerable Field, because many cars share the same Brand.

Do not use fields that contain mostly unique values such as dates, they should be Field Searched instead.

How to Set Enumerable Fields

Make a field Enumerable by logging in to your Search Cloud One Console and selecting the Index you wish to change.

Screen Capture of the drop down menu

Next, Choose ‘Fields…‘ from the drop-down menu ( ⋮ )

Enumerable Fields Dialog

From the Document Fields Window click the Enumerable Tab and click New Field.

Choose Field Dropdown

Choose a field from the drop down menu, and Click Save


Adding and removing Enumerable Fields will trigger a re-index.


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Developers: View the Facet Searching API Docs

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