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Desktop Search Beta Testers Wanted!

Public beta testing of our eSearch* Universal Desktop Search coming soon!

Be the first to get your hands on it – sign up at

Note: We are aware the *eSearch name exists as a domain and is also used to describe several online services, we will therefor be renaming the product before production starts. All suggestions welcome!

Site Search ONE 2.0 Released

The Site Search ONE WordPress Plugin is now available from the WordPress Plugins Directory. The plugin is free and open-source but requires a subscription to the search-as-a-service provided by the Search Cloud One platform – a 30-day free trial is available.

Advanced search features include a search widget with drop-down choice of indexes and filters, optional Stemming or Synonym buttons, optional choice of Boolean, Any Word or All Word searches, Dark Mode support and more. Faceted search, field filters, stemming, WordNet synonyms, Nested Boolean or All/Any Word searches, highlighted hits in a snippet of text from your post or page, sorting by date or alphabetically as well as by relevance. Support for WooCommerce search, Advanced Custom Fields and more, see the full details here Site Search ONE

A premium plugin is also available – this adds searching of PDF and other files in your WordPress Media Library.

WordPress Premium Plugin Media beta

A beta of the premium add-on for Media Library search for our SiteSearchONE WordPress Plugin is now live on the dtsearch uk website.

Release notes are here Release Notes ‚Äď Site Search ONE

At from the Search Menu ūüĒć (top right) navigate to the Categorized Search demo. Media Library search is in the Legal PDF and Products (PDF Manuals) drop-down options. PDFs are displayed in a PDF viewer with hit highlighting.

If you would like to be involved in our beta testing please contact us.

Inquiries from WordPress site designers or agencies welcome. Now you can take on WordPress sites that need professional search features (Boolean, Facets, Filters, Stemming, WordNET synonyms, etc.) such as museums, libraries, law firms, local government, etc. We can assist you with as much or as little as needed on your project.


Site Search ONE 1.9 released

Plugin version 1.9.0+2834 is now available for download here: Site Search ONE 30-day trial

The WordPress Dashboard now has a Global Settings page for Link format, Widget CSS, Search page CSS, and Document CSS. Your Post and Pages can inherit or override any or all the Global Settings, full details are in the updated User Guide (PDF).

The mechanism for displaying search results has changed to avoid a ‚Äėrest_cookie_invalid_nonce‚Äô error message that was prevalent on sites that use caching plugins. The plugin no longer uses WordPress nonce tokens.

Site Search ONE – 90-day trial

Site Search ONE WordPress Plugin is now available for a limited period on 90-day free trial!

Use the plugin on any WordPress site with no programming to search all your Posts and Pages.

Offer your site visitors advanced Boolean search!

High capacity, multiple indexes!

Let your site visitors quickly drill-down to the information they need with Facets and Filters!

Compatible with Advanced Custom Fields Plugin and PODS Framework

Full details here: Site Search ONE

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Cyber Essentials Certified

We’re pleased to announce our* application for Cyber Essentials certification was assessed and approved on 25 July 2019.

Cyber Essentials is a UK Government scheme operated by the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) that enables organizations to demonstrate that essential cyber security measures are in place, details can be found at

Click the badge below to view our certificate. 

Cyber Essentials certification is mandatory for central government contracts which involve handling personal information and providing certain ICT products and services.

*Search Cloud One is a trading name of ElectronArt Design Ltd.

Introducing Faceted Search

Use our Faceted Search to drill deeper into your search results!

Performing a multi-faceted search request using the Search Cloud One WordPress Plugin.
Using Faceted Search in the Search Cloud One WordPress Plugin to drill down search results

Faceted Search works by Enumerating Document Fields. To use Faceted Search configure Enumerable Fields.

Faceted Search on WordPress

Add faceted document search to your WordPress website using the Search Cloud One WordPress Plugin

  1. Set Enumerable Fields on your Search Cloud One Indexes to use for Facet Search
  2. Using the Search Cloud One WordPress Plugin, follow the included Quick Start guide to create a new [Shortcode] for Facet Search
  3. Add the [Shortcode] to any page

On Websites and Apps

Use the Search Cloud One Search API to implement Facet Search on your websites and mobile apps.

Update your WordPress Plugins

The Search Cloud One WordPress Plugin has been updated to Version 2.2.0

Get to results faster – On top of Faceted Search, the new updated plugin automatically starts with search results visible. Get to the document you need, without even typing a query!

Learn More

Search Cloud One provides a Secure Cloud Based Document Search service.

Use Search Cloud One’s WordPress plugin to provide document search to your website visitors, or use the API to provide search on any website or application.

Sign Up for a free 30 day trial* and try Search Cloud One today.

*Trial does not cover infrastructure charges. View our Pricing to learn more.


Sorting Search Results with Search Cloud One

Find documents quicker and easier thanks to our new search results sorting features!

Sort Results with our WordPress Plugin

Perform a search and then click Sort to use the new Sorting feature.

Update to version 2.1.5 to Sort Search Results.

Screenshot of the Sort Options Menu found after performing a Search Request
Relevance (Default) and Alphabetical (A-Z) Sorting

Sorting Search Results using the API

Use our API to Sort Search Results by:

  • Hits – Sort by Hit Count
  • Title – Sort results Alphabetically by Title (A-Z or Z-A)
  • Date – Sort results by Upload Date
  • Size – Sort Results by Document Size
  • Type – Sort Results by Document Type
  • Field – Sort Results by Field Value
  "SortBy" : "Title",
  "Ascending" : true

Read the Docs…

Learn More…

Search Cloud One provides a Secure Cloud Based Document Search service.

Use Search Cloud One’s WordPress plugin to provide document search to your website visitors, or use the API to provide search on any website or application.

Sign Up for a free 30 day trial* and try Search Cloud One today.

*Trial does not cover infrastructure charges. View our Pricing to learn more.

Download Files with our WordPress Plugin Update

Upgrade to version 2.1.4 today to Download files and view File Properties.

Download Files

Use the new Download feature to get any file in its original format.

GIF showing the Download Original Button's location
Find the new¬†Download Original Option under More Options ( ‚čģ )

View File Properties

Click Properties to view Size, Uploaded By and the File UUID.

Screenshot of the File Properties Dialog
The File Properties Dialog

Not got our Plugin? Download Search Cloud One from the WordPress Plugins Directory to provide Document Search on your WordPress Website.  

Our Plugin is fully compatible with the new WordPress 5.0 Release

Search Cloud One provides Document Search on the Cloud. Go to our Homepage to learn more.


Search Cloud One runs seamlessly on top of Amazon Web Services Virtual Private Cloud to provide the dtSearch Engine as a fully managed service.

WordPress Search Plugin

Our WordPress Search Plugin is now available from from the Plugins page, it can be found from any WordPress Dashboard by searching for Search Cloud One in the Add New Plugins section.

After you have installed the Plugin simply Sign-up for your Search Cloud One monthly subscription, currently we accept credit/debit card payments via Stripe. Once you are subscribed you upload your files, create your document collections (indexes), choose your search options and that’s it! Your users or subscribers will now be able to search your document collection(s) from your WordPress site.

Demonstration Page

Our demo search page uses the WordPress Plugin: simply press the search button to see all 300+ documents in the Classic Literature collection. Next try searching on a word or phrase to find a particular document, do you know which documents in the collection will be found if you search for Homer?

RESTful API for Web Developers

Need to integrate or embed the search page on your clients website? Need to search a remote database? No problem, ask about our API, now in beta.

AWS Marketplace

Search as a Service from Search Cloud One will also soon be available on the AWS Marketplace. You will be able to simply go to AWS Marketplace to sign up for your subscription, login to Search Cloud One to register your purchase, then setup your search service and let AWS take care of monthly charges on your existing AWS account.