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Desktop Search Beta Testers Wanted!

Public beta testing of our eSearch* Universal Desktop Search coming soon!

Be the first to get your hands on it – sign up at

Note: We are aware the *eSearch name exists as a domain and is also used to describe several online services, we will therefor be renaming the product before production starts. All suggestions welcome!

WordPress Premium Plugin Media beta

A beta of the premium add-on for Media Library search for our SiteSearchONE WordPress Plugin is now live on the dtsearch uk website.

Release notes are here Release Notes ‚Äď Site Search ONE

At from the Search Menu ūüĒć (top right) navigate to the Categorized Search demo. Media Library search is in the Legal PDF and Products (PDF Manuals) drop-down options. PDFs are displayed in a PDF viewer with hit highlighting.

If you would like to be involved in our beta testing please contact us.

Inquiries from WordPress site designers or agencies welcome. Now you can take on WordPress sites that need professional search features (Boolean, Facets, Filters, Stemming, WordNET synonyms, etc.) such as museums, libraries, law firms, local government, etc. We can assist you with as much or as little as needed on your project.