Search as a Service

Search as a Service

Search from your WordPress Sites

Site Search ONE Plugin searches your Posts and Pages, including Custom Post types.   Filters based on Custom Fields or Advanced Custom Fields. Faceted search using WordPress Tags or Custom Taxonomies. Compatible with the popular Advanced Custom Fields plugin and PODS Framework for Custom Posts and Custom Taxonomies. A Premium addon extends searching to your WordPress Media Library for PDF documents, and adds other features.
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Search Cloud One Plugin
lets you search your documents in the secure cloud hosting service provided by Amazon Web Services (AWS) and use our Search-as-a-Service powered by dtSearch. Upload your documents to the Search Cloud One platform and they will be 256-bit AES encrypted, stored on AWS and available to search using our API or the Search Cloud One WordPress Plugin.  (This service is currently not accepting new accounts. Please contact us if you need this service. We can provide custom solutions for searching your document archives or collections (e.g. shared legal e-discovery.)).

Search with our API

Take advantage of our RESTful API to add Search to your Websites and Mobile Applications. See the API documentation here:

Log in to Search Cloud One to search directly.

Yes, you can upload your documents and search for them directly on our site, even if you don’t have a website! Currently you can upload PDF and HTML5 format documents and retrieve the results page. A document viewer page is coming shortly.

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