Search Cloud One runs seamlessly on top of Amazon Web Services Virtual Private Cloud to provide the dtSearch Engine as a fully managed service.

WordPress Search Plugin

Our WordPress Search Plugin is now available from WordPress.org from the Plugins page, it can be found from any WordPress Dashboard by searching for Search Cloud One in the Add New Plugins section.

After you have installed the Plugin simply Sign-up for your Search Cloud One monthly subscription, currently we accept credit/debit card payments via Stripe. Once you are subscribed you upload your files, create your document collections (indexes), choose your search options and that’s it! Your users or subscribers will now be able to search your document collection(s) from your WordPress site.

Demonstration Page

Our demo search page uses the WordPress Plugin: https://searchcloudone.com/search-demo/ simply press the search button to see all 300+ documents in the Classic Literature collection. Next try searching on a word or phrase to find a particular document, do you know which documents in the collection will be found if you search for Homer?

RESTful API for Web Developers

Need to integrate or embed the search page on your clients website? Need to search a remote database? No problem, ask about our API, now in beta.

AWS Marketplace

Search as a Service from Search Cloud One will also soon be available on the AWS Marketplace. You will be able to simply go to AWS Marketplace to sign up for your subscription, login to Search Cloud One to register your purchase, then setup your search service and let AWS take care of monthly charges on your existing AWS account.

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