Sorting Search Results with Search Cloud One

Sorting Search Results with Search Cloud One

Find documents quicker and easier thanks to our new search results sorting features!

Sort Results with our WordPress Plugin

Perform a search and then click Sort to use the new Sorting feature.

Update to version 2.1.5 to Sort Search Results.

Screenshot of the Sort Options Menu found after performing a Search Request
Relevance (Default) and Alphabetical (A-Z) Sorting

Sorting Search Results using the API

Use our API to Sort Search Results by:

  • Hits – Sort by Hit Count
  • Title – Sort results Alphabetically by Title (A-Z or Z-A)
  • Date – Sort results by Upload Date
  • Size – Sort Results by Document Size
  • Type – Sort Results by Document Type
  • Field – Sort Results by Field Value
  "SortBy" : "Title",
  "Ascending" : true

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Search Cloud One provides a Secure Cloud Based Document Search service.

Use Search Cloud One’s WordPress plugin to provide document search to your website visitors, or use the API to provide search on any website or application.

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